English - medilang Fremdsprachenlösungen in der Medizin

Rainer Wilkens

Rainer Wilkens
medilang - Fremdsprachenlösungen für die Medizin
Fremdsprachenlösungen für die Medizin
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The patient says something, but no one understands him. What now?
If healthcare professionals cannot ask whether a patient is diabetic, they may drop their presumptive diagnosis of a heart attack due to a lack of typical pain symptoms. So what about quality management and patient safety when language barriers arise and an interpreter is not available? For this purpose, various instruments have been developed over time for testing purposes.
medilang pro Audio Phrasebook App
The aim of the medilang projects is to gain insights into how the various translation instruments - interpreters (whether on site or connected via video), audio phrasebook apps, machine translation apps, bilingual questionnaires and information sheets as well as information brochures - along the patient-related process chain can be optimally represented in a guideline for the treatment of patients with language barriers in order to shorten process times and costs and increase patient safety.

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